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Welcome to media training!

Whether short statement, long interview or talk show appearance. Whether newspaper, radio, television or online: With a media training you always improve your performance.

On this page you can read why this is so. And how easy it is for you to become better.

Have fun!
Stefan Korol

What is media training?

Media training is the structured and professional preparation for the performance with and in the media: statement, interview, press conference, editorial meeting; but also podium discussion, talk show, corporate film. And that, first of all, has nothing to do with critical journalist questions, but with the ability to communicate intelligibly, interestingly, and empathically. In the media training you will recognize what journalists expect from you as an interview partner, how you can meet these expectations and thus become a competent and successful media partner. And, of course, how you achieve your own goals.

How does media training work?

Very easily. Because over the years I have developed four lessons that will guide us through the media training. You can apply new (media) knowledge right now. And recognize what works how and why. Or not yet. That´s, what we are working on. And in the end, you not only know the interview rules, but you can also apply them. And give great interviews.

That´s new

How do media work? What do journalists want? What is an interview? What can I say? New (media) knowledge is at the beginning. But not as a boring lecture. But always in dialogue with you.


Now you know how to do it. And prepare your first interview step by step. And I’m your coach. We discuss your questions, I give tips. And you notice how the many puzzle stones slowly become a complete work.

Do it

Camera is running! „Aha, that’s how it feels …“ Mostly more stressful than expected. That’s where the good preparation helps. No matter, if it´s an interview for the newspaper or for the radio, television or online.


„How do I look? Why did I do it that way?“ And many more things come to mind when we watch and listen to your interview together. Much is suddenly clear. And logically. Congratulations – now you understand „interviews“.

The most common interview mistakes

Nearly 30 years and hundreds of seminars, trainings, coachings. But the bottom line is that they’re always the same mistakes. And the same tips…..
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The interview: A drama in three acts

A good interview is not easy. And that has nothing to do with intelligence. Or stupidity. But there are two completely different types that meet in an interview: Eddie Expert and Willy Important.

A humorous exaggerated interview drama in three acts. And that in under seven minutes …
Have lots of fun with it
(An english version is in progress…)

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Stefan Korol

Person & Profession

– 30 years of media coaching. Founder and longtime chairman of the Federal Association of Media Trainers in Germany e.V. (www.bmtd.de).
– 20 years of journalism professor at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Sankt Augustin / Bonn.
– 20 years of television: editor, reporter, presenter, author, producer. Among others at RTL, Sat1, VOX, NDR, WDR, MDR, Rias Berlin and various production companies.
– Trainer and seminar leader for journalism, radio and television, i.a. at the Academy of Journalism, Hamburg.




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